Our Story

We’ve been in the kitchen. Whether as pro chefs or home cooks, we know that quality cooking tools are foundational to the art of delicious foods.

Like you, we’ve been let down by inferior kitchen products, even from leading brands. Motivated by the belief that a better cooking experience is part of a better life, we were determined to change things. So, our eclectic team of chefs, designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs set out to create innovative kitchen products made with passion and integrity.

Our Promise

Our promise is a better cooking experience, unencumbered by inadequate culinary equipment. We’re here as a trusted partner, enabling you to cook with confidence using kitchen equipment equal to the task at hand. Making food for our families is a daily ritual and central to every event, celebration, gathering, and tradition. Our purpose is to help you experience joy through cooking and savor the milestones of life, whether big or small.

Our Inspiration

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It's the place where good food brings people together. Connections are created and relationships are strengthened. Memories are made and remembered. It's the place where grace is spoken and blessings are counted.

From flipping your first pancake to mastering a soufflé, the kitchen is where the love of cooking is born. Food, friends, and family are the spice of life. We’re here to make all of it a bit sweeter.


DI ORO. Love Cooking. Love Life.

Love Cooking. Love Life.